What to pack for a trip to the Pantanal?

You’ve decided: I’m going to the Pantanal, one of the most exuberant and incredible
ecotourism places in the world.

And, packing to go to the Pantanal is not the same as packing to go to the beach for a

Therefore, Pantanal Safaris will give you tips on how to prepare your suitcase for this
long-awaited trip, without forgetting anything!
Curious? Take a look!


What is the best suitcase to take?
There is no rule, but the ideal is one that is compact and easy to carry, like a waterproof
backpack, for example. In this way, even if you choose to visit other cities, it is practical and
easy to handle.


You must consider that there are two well-defined seasons: summer, which runs from
October to March, when the average temperature is 33ºC (91ºF) and that, even in summer,
when temperatures are very high, at dusk it can get a little cold. And winter, which is the
driest time of the year, runs from April to September and the average temperature is 16ºC
But even in summer, you need to bring long-sleeved blouses and pants, because of the
mosquitoes and the hot sun. You can find clothes with UV protection in the market, in sports
stores, which can make packing a lot easier.


Keep in mind that in the Pantanal you will go on numerous hikes. The most suitable shoes
are those suitable for trails and trekking, always with a cotton sock. In addition to being
comfortable, they will protect you from accidents with plants or insects. You can also bring a
pair of rubber sandals to wear at the hotel after a long day of walking.


In this list below, there are basic accessories that are essential in your luggage: sunglasses;
big-brimmed hat; caps; flashlight for night walks; hydration bottle or backpack; a small bag or
fanny pack for documents and small objects; lunch bag; elastic bands or hair clips; camera,
sunscreen, a medicine kit, repellent.


Currently, it is mandatory to have taken the vaccine against COVID and, it is advisable, but
not mandatory, ten days before the trip, to take the vaccine against yellow fever. The more
cautious you are, the more dazzling your trip will be.

So, did you like the tips?

Pantanal Safaris has all the structure for you to make an unforgettable trip.

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