With an area of ​​almost 230,000 km², Pantanal covers a large part of Brazilian Midwest and part of Paraguay and Uruguay.

There are more than 5 thousand species of fauna and flora, making the Pantanal one of the most biodiverse on earth.

In this blog, we will give you tips for tours so that you return from there with a much larger luggage than what you took with you.

1. Mato Grosso’s Pantanal National Park

You go to Pantanal with the intention of getting in touch with nature and, even more, having contact and seeing species of animals, which you can only see up close on TV, right? The National Park is one of the opportunities you have to turn that dream into reality: in its 135 thousand hectares, you can see jaguars, capybaras, alligators and deers.

Attention: You must plan to know the place. To take one of the speedboat tours you need to request authorization 15 days in advance. The tour is especially interesting for those traveling to the Pantanal when the closest regions are not flooded (between April and September), because it is easier to see the animals.

2. Take a horse ride

When it comes to what to do in the Pantanal, horseback riding is the most popular. Chosen as the best way to get to know the daily life of the Pantanal, you can get horse rides on farms in the region.

An extra tip for those who want to disconnect from reality and contemplate an even more exuberant wetland is to ride a horse at sunset. And the best thing is that, with the maritime lights of the region, on the way back you have the company of a spectacular sky, with many stars and, if you’re lucky, even other surprises of the Milky Way. For those interested in a different experience, there is also the possibility of accompanying the handling of the cattle on horseback.

3. Photo Safari

Photography is the best way to keep your memory alive. During the tour through the forests of the region, tourists have the chance to see and photograph animals as anacondas, anteaters and

deers. The species seen depend on the time of year and the time chosen for the tour.

4. Night Focus

Be sure to take the night tour and observe animals in their natural habitat. With many nocturnal species, you can catch a glimpse of the Pantanal under the moonlight and encounter alligators, wolves, jaguars and more during your tour.

Night spotting is a super popular activity for those visiting the Pantanal and can be done by car or boat. But it is always good to remember: it is important that the tour is done with responsible companies or local guides, who can be indicated by the service at the accommodation.

5. Blue Macaw Project

The Blue Macaw is one of the national symbols and this is the chance for you to get to know a project that fights for the preservation of the species, which unfortunately is threatened with extinction. The Blue Macaw Project has been in the Pantanal since 1990 and, since then, it has managed to help protect the local population from the bird, which has grown from 1,500 to over 5,000 macaws. The visit, in addition to putting you face to face with the beauty of Arara,

leads you to reflect and become aware of the importance of preserving the environment.

6. Coimbra Fort

Forte Coimbra is a Portuguese construction, built during the 18th century. In the Fort, which represent a strategic point in the Paraguayan War, are the Army base and a military hotel.

It is worth visiting this tourist spot for its exuberant landscape, as well as for its museum – which displays weapons and documents that tell the story of the Paraguayan War.

7. Craftsman’s House

Not just observing and experiencing nature is on the list of things to do in the Pantanal: to learn more about the region’s culture and buy some local souvenirs, the tip is to visit The Craftsman’s House/A Casa do Artesão. The building, which functioned as a State prison between 1905 and 1970, has an exhibition of works by more than 30 artisans.

To make the sculptures sold on site, artisans use raw materials such as seeds, clay and fish leather. They are pieces produced by local artists and using materials from the region! A great gift idea for friends and family as they are a good representation of the Pantanal culture.

With Pantanal Safaris, you will have an unforgettable trip.

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