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Those seeking well-run Pantanal birdwatching tours need look no further than Pantanal Safaris. For more than thirteen years, our expert guides have displayed the fabulous scope of the Pantanal’s bird life to guests from around the globe. Let’s see how a typical Pantanal birdwatching tour brings nature up close.

Birdwatching in Pantanal

First, a friendly Pantanal Safaris guide greets guests at Cuiabá Airport for pickup. The splendor of the Pantanal unfolds during the drive to Poconé in the Mato Grosso along the Transpantaneira Highway. Guests behold a vast floodplain equal to half the size of France, which is the home to countless species of flora and fauna. A Pantanal birdwatching tour provides better opportunities for birdwatching than the Amazon due to the Pantanal’s clearer forest cover. Guests observe and photograph birds against a better background than a concealing canopy of trees. For the ideal season to spot the widest range of birds, the most knowledgeable guests visit between July and September. Species include the magnificent hyacinth macaws, the greater rhea that may be spotted wandering through the Pousada Alegre lodge’s lawns, and the bare-faced curassow.

Along The Scenic Transpantaneira Highway

A Pantanal birdwatching tour mainly seeks birds by foot and by car. Forty kilometers beyond Poconé lies the welcoming Pousada Alegre lodge, which is world-renowned as one of the best birdwatching areas on earth. Its stellar reputation is due to easy access to multiple habitats. Guests enjoy the variety of wetlands, flooded pastures, rivers, gallery forest and dry scrub. The chestnut-bellied guan, up to four kinds of ibises, the large southern screamer, and jabiru add to guests’ lists of species observed during a Pantanal birdwatching tour. The white woodpecker, gray-crested cacholote, great rufous woodcreeper, Mato Grosso antbird, white-lored spinetail and red-crested cardinal thrive here, too.

Accommodations on a Pantanal Birdwatching Tour

Comfortable rooms with air conditioning and fan await our guests. There are electrical outlets in the rooms for charging devices, a private bathroom and a restaurant. Guests enjoy plenty of rest to provide energy each day of a Pantanal birdwatching tour. Toucans, tapir and anteaters provide thrilling nearby neighbors to the lodge for viewing and photographing. From early morning walks to spotlighting after-dark drives, the full panorama of Pantanal life springs to life. Guests may spot agami, boat-billed herons, black-collared hawks, helmeted mankins, nightjars, parauques, and cheery flavescent warblers. By the time a Pantanal birdwatching tour ends, each guest adds multiple sightings of every species in the area.

On the following link you find detailed information on the lodges we offer: Pantanal lodges

A Bonus On A Pantanal Birdwatching Tour

Visitors take a boat ride for birdwatching and also for jaguar sightings. Tapir, and giant river otter encounters join with anhinga and gray-necked wood rail to provide the full spectrum of the Pantanal wildlife.


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