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Explore the Breathtaking World of Pantanal Birdwatching with Pantanal Safaris

For over thirteen years, Pantanal Safaris has been a leading expert in providing exceptional Pantanal birdwatching tours to guests from all over the world. Delight in the mesmerizing array of birdlife that the Pantanal has to offer as we bring you up close to the wonders of nature. Let’s take a glimpse into what a typical Pantanal birdwatching tour entails.


Birdwatching in Pantanal

Your unforgettable journey begins with a warm welcome from our friendly Pantanal Safaris guide at Cuiabá Airport. As you drive to Poconé in Mato Grosso along the Transpantaneira Highway, you’ll witness the breathtaking beauty of the Pantanal. This vast plain, covering an area equal to half the size of France, teems with diverse flora and fauna, making it a birdwatcher’s paradise. Unlike the dense canopy of the Amazon, the Pantanal’s clear forest cover provides better opportunities for observing and photographing birds against a stunning backdrop. For the best time to spot a wide range of bird species, the most knowledgeable guests visit between July and September. Marvel at magnificent hyacinth macaws, spot greater rheas wandering through Pousada Alegre lodge’s lawns, and encounter the striking bare-faced curassow.


Along The Scenic Transpantaneira Highway

During your Pantanal birdwatching tour, you’ll explore various habitats on foot and by car. Located forty kilometers beyond Poconé, the welcoming Pousada Alegre lodge stands out as one of the world’s premier birdwatching areas. Its stellar reputation is due to easy access to multiple ecosystems, including wetlands, wooded pastures, rivers, gallery forests, and dry scrublands. Prepare to add an impressive list of species to your observations, including the chestnut-bellied guan, up to four ibis species, the large southern screamer, and the majestic jabiru. As you explore, you may also encounter the white woodpecker, gray-crested cacholote, great rufous woodcreeper, Mato Grosso antbird, white-lored spinetail, and red-crested cardinal thriving in their natural habitat.


Accommodations on a Pantanal Birdwatching Tour

During your tour, you’ll rest in comfortable rooms equipped with air conditioning and fans. Charging outlets for your devices, private bathrooms, and a restaurant provide the convenience you need to recharge and relish each day’s adventures. The lodge’s surroundings offer thrilling encounters with toucans, tapirs, and anteaters for you to observe and photograph. From early morning walks to spotlighting after-dark drives, you’ll witness the full spectrum of Pantanal life. Keep your eyes peeled for agami, boat-billed herons, black-collared hawks, helmeted manakins, nightjars, parauques, and cheerful Javascent warblers. By the end of your Pantanal birdwatching tour, you’ll have added multiple sightings of every species in the area to your cherished memories.


Discover the wonders of Pantanal birdwatching with Pantanal Safaris and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.

A Bonus On A Pantanal Birdwatching Tour

As a special treat, your tour includes a captivating boat ride for birdwatching, along with the chance for thrilling jaguar sightings. Encounters with tapirs and giant river otters add to the excitement, offering you a complete panorama of Pantanal wildlife.

Discover the wonders of Pantanal birdwatching with Pantanal Safaris and create cherished memories that will last a lifetime.


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