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Detailed program: Itinerary

The Fly-drive jaguar safari can be tailored to your preferences. You can decide on duration, where to fly from and to. We will arrange your stay at Port Jofre, flights and guide you in the best area of the world to spot jaguars in the wild. The fly drive jaguar safari is a great option if you have limited time and want to maximize time on the river and increase chances on seeing jaguars.

Day 1: Start of fly-drive jaguar safari

Fly-in to Porto Jofre where we arrive depending your flight schedule (advised arive in morning). We check-in our hotel and prepare to embark on a boat ride in search of jaguars. Depending on time of arrival we will have an almost full day jaguar safari or afternoon jaguar safari.

Day 2: Full day on the boat spotting jaguars

Early morning breakfast and we embark our boat between 6.45 -7.00 to start our search for jaguars.

From the lodge it takes approx. 35 minutes to drive by boat to the three brothers river. It is the best area in the world to spot and photograph jaguars.

We will spend the full day on the river in search of jaguars (approx. 10-12 hours). When all the boats return to the lodge for lunch, we enjoy a picknickstyle lunch in the prime jaguar area not wasting any time and enjoy sightings all by ourself.

We will arrive back at the lodge around 5.30 – 6pm. After arriving you can refresh, relax little before we have a delicious diner together at the restaurant.

Wildlife: besides jaguar we have chances on seeing giant river otters, howlerand capucin monkey’s, anaconda and a variety of birdspecies. The prime focus will be on jaguars however if we encounter beautiful wildlife we take time to enjoy it all.

Day 3: Full day on the boat spotting jaguars

Same as previous day.

Dag 4: Full day on the boat spotting jaguars

Same as previous day.

Day 5: Full day on the boat spotting jaguars

Same as previous day.

Day 6: End of the fly-drive jaguar safari

Depending your travelschedule, we depart early morning or include a half-day jaguar safari and after lunch depart by plane to Cuiaba (approx 50min.) or destinations in the Southern Pantanal.

Note: For photographic safaris we can early morning to be on the river with sunrise


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Fly Drive Jaguar


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